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PROBLEM:  Moving various size rolls of plastic wrap weighing up to 200kg from pallets in “eye to the sky” orientation to trolleys in “eye to the wall” orientation.  These have to be lifted from the pallet, inclined 90 degree and placed on delivery trolleys for positioning on the wrapping machines.  Pushing the roll over and then trying to pick up using a hoist was not satisfactory.  With heavy rolls, there can be damage to the outer layers of film and a potential risk for the operator when the roll is pushed over.  When lifting and placing by the hoist there can be incidents to operators because of the heavy rolls cannot be precisely controlled and because of the natural swing in the hoist wire.  In addition to being a potential risk for injury, the process was slow and cumbersome.

ANALYSIS: The lifting and inclining or rotating rolls of packaging paper or film is a very common task in packaging.  Rolls can be as heavy as 500kg.  Most operations place the rolls on a trolley for delivery to the wrapping machine.  Some require the rolls to be placed directly on the machine.  The key requirement is that the roll, when gripped, should be held secure; that the roll can be inclined 90 degrees for placement on the trolley or directly on machine and that the roll be in the total control of the operator from grip to release.
SOLUTION: For this application, Posilift recommended an Armtec solution consisting of a rigid articulating arm pneumatic manipulator with an expanding mandrel tooling to grip in the roll core.  The roll is held secure and can be inclined 90 degrees to “eye to wall” for placement on the trolley.   This application had high and low controls to avoid any bending and stretching and parking brakes on all axis.
All Armtec manipulators come with many safety features including preventing the release of loads if there is a loss of air supply and even if the operator gives the wrong command.  They are CE Certified and come with many accessories.  They are specifically designed to suit the opertion and work area.
RESULT: The food packaging company was very happy with the solution.  The task was made easier and safer for their operators.  The equipment was easy to use and the operators required very little time to become familiar with the equipment.
Posilift have many rolls handling solutions available.  This is just one of them. 

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