Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Roll handling made easy for Multapex with the introduction of Posilift Australia Manipulators

Roll handling made easy for Multapex with the introduction of Posilift Australia Manipulators

- Handling Rolls, Reels, Bobbins or Creels, assisting the Printing, Packaging and Converting Industries -

Multapex Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of Plastic Films, Metal Foils, Nonwovens and Wovens, Biodegradable Products, and Industrial Laminates in Australia.

Recently the company has increased its production capacities and recognized it would need to address the manual handling issues accociated with palletizing heavier rolls.

One of the companies main concerns was for the health and safety of there operators. The task was to palletize upto 120kg rolls of film. Not only was the weight an issue but turning the roll from a horizontal orientation (eye to the wall) to a vertical orientation (eye to the sky) for palletizing proved to be a major headache.  The company enlisted the assistance of Posilift Australia Pty Ltd to come up with a solution. The scope was that it had to be safe and easy to use and not slow production in any way.

“Posilift Australia have solved this sort of roll handling application many times before with the introducion of our bobbin handling manipulators”, said Andy Heard, National Sales Manager. “These bespoke built units are pneumatically driven and eliminate all the weight of the product. The operator simply inserts the expanding mandrel into the core of the roll, pushes the grip buttons and the roll is held. He can then maneuver it around the work station by using the up and down lever control” “There is also a toggle switch that allows the operator to incline the unit from horizontal to vertical or visa versa”.

“We can supply these units with various dimensions to suit an individual work environment and also with a capacity of upto 600kg rolls” Said Mr Heard.

“It was a real pleasure working with Multapex on this project, it is great to see a smaller company taking safety seriously, they really are showing the bigger converters the way”

For more information on handling rolls, reels, bobbins or creels please do not hesitate to contact Andy Heard.

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