Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Powel Manipulator

Powel Manipulator
Posilift Global's Power Manipulator can be used 10 carry all kinds orhcavy machinery parIs. The I)O\\cr manipulator is lik e a mechanical hand that can replace large manpower
in cargo handling. with just .......

one person 10 operate the machine with ease. It i~ suitable for mechanical assembly lines or moving of components in the processing line. and can !lip at any angle for precise
positioning of component s. Features: the eq uipment is designed to suit a gh en app lication - lilt move. rolate, incline or position~ many gripping
sty les pneumatic or mechanical grippers, vacuum suction. magnets. hooks. ctc: and many configurations column, overhead fixed . overhead tro lley mounted and nOOf tro lley mounted. The company
specialises in sohing handling problem \\ ith solUlions that best meets the need and budget. posilin Global. based in lIong Kong. supplies a wide range of lin assist devices
industrial manipulators, articulating arms. cable balancing arms, mobile lifters. pneumatic balancers. intclligl:l1l assist devices. serve hoists. vacuum liners and similar products
lO solve repetitivc matcrial handling. lining. moving and positioning problems. The company is a distributor in Asia for Famatee Handling Solutions (Italy): Knight Balancers
and Sen o 1I 0ists (Uni ted Stales): Armtec Liti Assist Devices (Australia/China): and Anvcr Vacuum Liners

(U ). COlltoct: Posilifl Glob:.) - Local I)"rlner S"I)I)Orl
LeHI 2. Connaughl Plnec, BUild Gardell Roml
PUlle, Mahal'ushtn' 4 11 001
'1'1' 020 - 4014753 t • F"" 020 - 40147576
E-mll il : www.posilift.com.au

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