Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Pallet Stacking, Lifting and Turning Made Easy at CSR Monier Wunderlich using a Posilift Australia Manipulator

Pallet Stacking, Lifting and Turning Made Easy at CSR Monier Wunderlich using a Posilift Australia Manipulator  

CSR Monier Wunderlich searched for a pallet handler to do a number of tasks.  “We wanted to stack new pallets into our pallet dispenser quickly, and we wanted to be able to inspect used pallets for damage one at a time” said Richard Davies, Operations Manager.  The equipment had to be capable of handling a combination of 1 to 4 pallets at a time and also be capable of lifting and turning a pallet for inspection.   “Our concern was for the health and safety of the operator.  It had to be easy and safe to use.  So in addition to the usual safeties expected from equipment, it was important that the equipment did not turn if more than one pallet was loaded”

Posilift Australia solved this pallet handling problem by supplying a rigid arm pneumatic manipulator with a specially designed fork tooling which achieved these requirements.  “For this application we used a switch which prevented the tooling from turning when the load was heavier than one pallet” said Andy Heard, National Sales Manager.  “We incorporated this function with an alignment plate which also assisted the operator with stacking.  So if the operator selected to use the alignment plate for stacking then the tooling would not turn.  If the operator did not select to use the alignment plate, then the tooling could turn, but the manipulator was prevented from lifting more than one pallet.  It eliminated operator error.”

There is also a dead man’s handle on the manipulator which will hold the manipulator, tooling and product in a firm parked position.  This allows the operator to release the controls and have both hands free for any closer inspection or repair of the pallet..

Posilift Australia manipulators are designed to lift and position products up to 900kg in any direction in a weightless condition.  They are easy to use because they are specifically designed for the task.  “Posilift Australia has built more than 50,000 manipulators world wide.  So we have solved most repetitive handling problems for factories.  All our manipulators are CE Certified so they comply with the most stringent safety requirements.

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